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 Unnecessary hospital readmissions are a strain on health resources.


of the elderly population are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge.


$26 billion

is the estimated cost by the federal government of readmissions for medicare patients alone annually. 


$17 billion

of that pays for return trips that need not happen.




Information found in, "The Revolving Door" a Report on U.S. Hospital Readmissions 


$26 billion

$17 billion

transformational care.

The first of its kind in the United States.

 Developed by a visionary physician, Dr. Anthony Bacchi. 

TeliStat™ Restorative Care Unit

A new delivery model for skilled nursing facilities resulting in decreased lengths of stay and avoidable hospital readmissions.


This is the result of the integration of a multidisciplinary team of physicians working in collaboration with highly skilled nurses and groundbreaking medical technology.

Care Continuum

The success of the restorative care unit has been to help the resident obtain the highest level of functionality and wellness in the most appropriate and cost-effective setting.

 Comprehensive care through more effective physician and nursing management.


Every resident is fitted with a portable noninvasive hemodynamic device.


Real-time biometric data is wirelessly transmitted to the central nursing station.


Real-time onsite and offsite monitoring helps prevent readmissions to the hospital by reacting immediately when a resident's health status changes.


More effective coordination through direct consultations with a variety of specialty physicians. 

medically complex

simply solved.