Advancements in Senior Care Delivery

Golden Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center located in Kingston, New York has

retained the services of TeliStat™, a leader in the field, to revolutionize the healthcare delivery care model. TeliStat™ was recently recognized by New York State Department of Health for its innovative program and was awarded a $ 4.5 million grant to evaluate the feasibility for implementing its model on a state-wide basis.

Healthcare reform is forcing nursing homes to transform the way they deliver healthcare services to their residents. To survive a rapidly evolving market, Golden Hill has identified the need to treat patients with much higher levels of medical acuity. In order to meet this challenge, an integration of groundbreaking technology, highly trained nurses and teams of specialty physicians are required, typically not seen in existing nursing homes.

Similar to an intensive care unit of a hospital, the TeliStat™ model transforms a portion of a nursing home into a specialized unit capable of monitoring nine hemodynamic functions in real-time. This is accomplished by state-of- the-art technology, providing doctors and nurses the ability to diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

To remain in the forefront, both technologically and clinically, TeliStat™ is proud to announce strategic relationships with Marist College in Poughkeepsie and New York Medical College School of Medicine in Valhalla.

Marist College will primarily focus on TeliStat’s™ product research and development, as well as providing IT support using analytics and high performance computing to develop predictive outcomes.

"One of our goals as a college is to offer technologies to like-minded organizations that create a lasting impact on our local community,” said Bill Thirsk, Vice President of Information Technology/CIO at Marist College. “Partnering with an organization such as TeliStat provides the opportunity to support our local and regional community by sharing services in support of community needs.”

Teaching Faculty and Administration from the New York Medical College School of Medicine are working with us to develop comprehensive medical student rotations. Because of the academic environment which the TeliStat™ unit creates, students get the opportunity to experience this unique model first-hand.

"We are delighted to have this opportunity to collaborate with the Golden Hill Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Facility. Under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Bacchi, Dr. Joseph Scarpa and Mr. Nasry Michelen, this skilled nursing facility offers our medical students the opportunity to participate in comprehensive, patient-centered care in a very positive learning environment," said Jennifer L. Koestler, M.D., senior associate dean for medical education, New York Medical

College School of Medicine.

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